3 Fun Spring Break Spots in Europe

If you're looking to have a great time and expand your horzons this spring break, consider these great european destinations: Toulouse, France, Brussels, Belgium, and London. Whichever you choose to visit, the NY Times travel section reviewed the city. For more information on each cities' cultural attractions and cosmopolitan feel, the Times "36 Hours" segments can provide more information. These european hot spots are cultural and economic hubs. Visiting Europe this spring break could be a great way to launch your future journalistic career, or simply see the sights. Each city has something unique to offer. Global Travel Blogs have some more great ideas for Spring Break hotspots around the globe

Brussels is the Belgian capital. The city is home to internships and nightlife. This 21-23 year old friendly city has plenty of bar-hopping opportunities, and more refined ways of expanding one's cultural appreciation. Brussels is home to the Musées Royaux de Beaux Arts, which houses modern and classic art. The city is a foodie mecca; the NY times lauds Brussels' truffles and caviar. The city is simultaneously home to the Eurpoean Union, and 600 different types of beer. Although the New York Times says Belgium was "once dismissed as a provincial and humorless wasteland," the city is making cultural waves. Belgium is a travel destination for the journalist interested in European affairs, beer, or cuisine.

Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France. The city is close to the Pyrenees mountains and has a mild, sunny climate. And, opportunities for study and employment persist in the global recession. Internships in business and other areas are available. In addition to the warm climate and friendly locals, Toulouse has a charm of its own. NY Times Travel did a piece called 36 Hours in Toulouse, where they review the highlights of "La Ville Rose," so named because of the soft rose hue of the city's old edifices. While you're there, try the cassoulet at the restaurant Le Colombier, visit the St. Sernin Basilica church, or check out the theatre curtain painted by Pablo Picasso for a 1936 rendition of a play by Romain Rolland.

London is a transient city of coming and going, with meandering roads and confused tourists. The city's fast beat and gloomy weather make sense for a port city. Just about any variety of food or tea is available, except Mexican. For an idea of London's commerce, trade and variety of consumer choice, all a visitor needs to do is duck into Harrods. Paid business internships are available to American students and graduates. Europlacement is a good resource for anyone interested in working or interning in London, or other places in Europe. The city has more to offer than hustle, bustle and work, of course. As the New York times says in their 36 hours piece on London, "there are many different Londons." There is a London for interns, theatre buffs, book lovers, and students. It's up to you to find them.

Whether you plan on staying for Spring Break or for years, whether you want to find an internship or just experience another culture- there is a spring break destination that meets your needs. In the global recession, it's still possible to find jobs and internships abroad. Americans can look at Business Schools to get some idea of the international internships, programs and business opportunities out there. Some experience of a different language or culture could give you new perspective or inspiration needed to launch your career, or it could just lead to a great time. Brussels, Toulouse, and London are all large European cities. They can be confusing to the average American, but if you can navigate Europe you can get through just about anything back home. And expect to have some fun along the way.

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